홈페이지 이용약관(필수)

Chapter 1 General Provisions


Article 1 [Purpose)

The membership conditions (the "Terms") is soliptech (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"), the Internet-related services provided by a're utilizing (hereinafter referred to as 'members') soliptech and users the purpose of setting forth the rights and obligations and responsibilities.


Article 2 (Definitions)

1. Definition of terms used in this agreement are as follows:

① Members: those who have signed an agreement with the company using the service

② identity (ID): members of selection and combination of letters and numbers that the company is authorized to use the service member's identity and membership

③ Password: Sign-priced combination of letters and numbers to protect their secrets communication

④ E-mail (E-MAIL): mail via the Internet

⑤ terminate (withdraw): to show the doctor or member of the company terminate the contract after the service use


Article 3 (Effectiveness and Change of Terms of Use)

1. This is effected by way of a notice posted on the service agreement screen, or notice boards or otherwise.

2. The company may, if deemed necessary, to modify the contents of this agreement, the revised terms are known in the service screen and, if still available nor deny the signs of change are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

3. If you do not agree to stop using terms a member can be changed and canceled my membership registration, if you continue to use, the modified terms are deemed to have agreed to the terms change takes effect in the same way as the preceding paragraph, .


Article 4 (Statement of non-agreement)

If the requirements are not specified in this agreement, as defined in the Telecommunications Act, other relevant laws and regulations subject to its provisions.


Chapter 2 Use Contract


Article 5 (Establishment of the contract)

The contract is established in store after creating your basic input for the terms and conditions agreed with the Register of Members.

Article 6 (Application for Use)


Membership is accurately described by the requested information from the company's online membership application form (name, social security number, contact information, etc.), you can use the application submitted by the company.

Article 7 (acceptance of use application)

Members are correct for all of the application requirements to apply for permission to use the service if there are special circumstances apply hayeoteul.


Article 8 (use application rejected and forced to leave)

If the company can apply for membership by stealing another person's name or information, you can reject the membership request. In addition, when registering your application is approved is even mention of false detection or to damage the reputation of the company or cluttering up the board showing the posts that might interfere with the objectives of the original company, or showing the contents pornography or abuse, Member you can leave the force.


Article 9 (change of contract)

Members are responsible for problems caused by using not modified, the modification must be made and if this changes, the base at the time of application are to members.


Chapter 3 Obligations of the contracting parties


Article 10 (duty of company)

The company does not disclose or distribute to third parties the personal information of members to know with regard to service providers without their consent. However, if by rule of law, including the Framework Act on Telecommunications at the request of national authorities, if requested by the procedures set forth in this or any other relevant laws or for criminal investigation purposes, it shall not apply.


Article 11 (Obligations)

1. Members can not conduct any commercial use of the Service without the prior consent of the company.

2. Members can not use the information obtained using the service without prior consent of the Company, duplicate, change, translate, publish, broadcast and other methods or provide it to others.

3. Members should not use the service in conjunction with the following subparagraphs behavior.

① for the purpose of criminal activity or other criminal activity associated with the act

② undermine the good morals, public order and other acts

③ behavior to undermine or insult other's honor

④ violate the rights of intellectual property of others, etc.

⑤ use practices that deny the identity (ID) of another Member

⑥ act consistently linked to other sites or sent to certain information, including advertising information against the person of the doctor

⑦ the possibility that any of the actions that give or interfere with the safe operation of services

⑧ several posts showing repetitive behaviors that interfere with the operations of the company by

⑨ a violation of related laws

4. Members transferable voucher for one, the status of service or other contract can not be donated.


Chapter 4 Use of Service


Article 12 (Suspension of Service)

Natural disasters or equivalent state of emergency cases that have occurred or occur concerns and if the period of service providers by the Telecommunications Business Act with other unavoidable reasons, such as stopping a telecommunication service, to limit or stop all or part of the service you can.

Article 13 (deletion of posts or contents)

If the company violates the contents of this post, or provision of services or do not comply with the company's operating purposes exceed the company's website posted a predetermined period of time, you can delete them without notice or consent.

Article 14 (Rights and obligations in the post)

All posts are copyrighted to the Company. However, it is responsible for the post to which members posted.

Article 15 (service date and hours)

1. Service Hours are seven days a week without a specific business or technical difficulty of the company, 24 hours a day as a rule.

2. Paragraph 1 hours time is interrupted due to circumstances such as the Internet and one suspend services due to the company's system checks the reorganization of the company's website as an exception.


Article 16 (Provision of Information)

① The company members may be provided to members by methods such as e-mail or letter mail, phone for a variety of information to be recognized that there is a need of using the service, the member information in the subscription application menu and the Modify information menu if you do not want you can unsubscribe.

② The Company may require additional personal information with the consent of the members for the purpose of improving services and target members of the service introduction.


Article 17 (Termination and Limitation)

1. Members may be revoked by the membership withdrawal application in person when you want to terminate the contract.

2. You can restrict re revoked for the user.


Chapter 5 Etc


Article 18 (Damages)

Even if the company has any damage caused to the Member in connection with the Internet service will not be the exception and are held liable for damages, such damages are caused deliberately or by gross negligence of the Company.


Article 19 (Exemption and Indemnification)

① The company is member of the information posted on the services and materials, the accuracy of the facts, nor not bear any responsibility concerning the content, reliability, a member shall use the services under his responsibility, posted or transmitted using the service, about the damage occurs, or the like material eclectic materials, even when any disadvantage arising out of or in connection with other services to members are all responsible for this.

② The company responsible nor have any liability in relation to such goods trade to services to third party between members or members in violation of Article 11 as a parameter, the member with respect to profits expectations with regard to use of the Service not a burden.

③ are both responsible for Member Member ID (ID) such as loss or unauthorized use by third parties that are caused by carelessness in the use and management of passwords.

④ If members are in Article 11, because other is by violating the provisions of the agreement the company becomes liable for the member or a third party, so that the damage caused to the company, members who violate the terms of the Company shall be liable for any damages arising, it must indemnify the company against such damage.

⑤ natural disasters, responsible for the damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, periodic inspection of the equipment for war or services are exempt.


Article 20 (Prohibition of Transfer)

Members are non-transferable voucher for one and other on the status of the service contract, you can not, you can not offer it as collateral to bestow.


Article 21 (Dispute Resolution)

① the company and its members shall make every effort to amicably settle a dispute related to the Service.

② If Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 be brought because of the dispute is a lawsuit under the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Seoul premises of the company.



Article 1 (Effective Date)

This agreement is effective from May, 2017

개인정보 수집이용안내(필수)

To manage fmsolution is very important the privacy of users, the user is doing its best to get personal information protection provided to soliptechs online at the same time utilizing the services (hereinafter referred to as soliptechs) you. This soliptech is Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Act, information privacy on laws that network use laws such as telecommunications service providers regarding promotion, etc. to comply with regulations and the Ministry of Information and Communication is a personal information complies with protection guidelines established and.

fmsolution is, we inform you that personal information that users provide personal information to be used for any purpose and method of protection through policy and what measures are being taken to protect your privacy.

soliptech is action and allow users to easily view any time by publishing a privacy policy on the home screen first.


Privacy Policy soliptech may be amended from time to time due to changes in government laws and regulations and internal policy changes, such as fmsolutions, accordingly, we need to establish procedures for the continuous improvement of the Privacy Policy. And if you amend the Privacy Policy fmsolution is also to be published soon through the website about its users to easily identify the changes and requirements as amended by granting such revision. User deulkkeseo Please check from time to time when you visit the site.


Privacy Policy fmsolution contains the following information.



Consent to Collect Personal Information


fmsolution is the user that you can provide a procedure that allows you to click "I agree" button for the contents of the Privacy Policy or Terms of fmsolutions, click the "Cancel" button to agree to the collection of personal information try that.



Purpose of usage and collection of personal information


Personal information means the only information (relevant information that can be relevant identifies the individual by the information, such as name, telephone number, e-mail address that is included in such information as information about the surviving individuals even be able to identify an individual other to readily combined with information refers to include that can be identified).

fmsolution service consists of a menu can not be used with menus that you can use at any time without separate user registration. However fmsolution is, the collecting of the user personal information in order to provide a more enhanced quality of service to the user through a value-added services, such as services. soliptech is not carelessly disclose your personal information without prior consent of the user,


The information collected and used as described below.


First, you can develop a more useful service than on the basis of the personal information provided by users.

fmsolution is to prioritize existing users to services to be developed based on the personal information you provide to fmsolutions to expand when the new service development and content more efficiently, fmsolution is SUBSCRIBERS It can be provided by reasonably selecting contents require.


Second, each collection of information gathering purposes are as follows:

① name, username, password, email address: Your identification of the services

② email address, phone number: Information Notice in passing, my doctor confirmed, complaints such as doctors ensure smooth communication channels for the latest information

③ Other choices: Data to provide personalized service,



fmsolution (s) gathers personal information collected items and how to


fmsolution is that users enter online, you receive the necessary information for the service provider when you become a member in order to use the Services. Information that is essential to the registration name, email, and contacts. It also receives additional information as to locations where users can optionally enter for service quality.

Fmsolution also can ask for selectively enter personal information for an event or events upon statistical analysis, such as providing prizes within. However, the basic human rights of the users sensitive information that might (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, place of origin and domicile, political affiliation, criminal record, health status and sex, etc.) If you need to collect the inevitable not possible to collect you will always get the users' prior consent. And, even in some cases in addition to the said input information in advance to the users who do not use the object for other purposes it does not leak outside. Just open the information, names / email / website address, etc. Please note that can be collected for any purpose.


Information that is open to fmsolutions will tell you this Privacy Policy does not apply.



fmsolution (a) retention of personal information collected and use duration


While the user is using the services provided in solution, as a member of soliptech holding users' personal information and continuously used for such services. However, if a member requests for information, unsubscribe, delete or edit directly from the disc has completely deleted by the way, you can not play all the information except the name and identity, and is treated as a state that can not be viewed later or used. Your personal information will, in principle, to collect discarded if the purpose or purposes of the personal information provided was accomplished as follows. However, if you store the member information below. And the Commercial Code, if you need to preserve in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, including laws on consumer protection of e-commerce fmsolutions has to keep membership information for a period of time determined by the relevant laws and regulations. If soliptech is to use the information solely for the purpose of storing archived.

- Records of such contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years

- Records of the supply of goods and payments: 5 years

- Records of the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years



soliptechs sharing and provide of the (a) Personal Information


soliptech is used within a range notices from users' purpose of collection and use of personal information, personal information purposes, and without the user's prior consent used in excess of the operating range or in principle disclose personal information to an external Do not. However, if the exception is below.

First, if users agree to the disclosure in advance

Second, the soliptech live on the site if you violate the Terms of Service Terms of Use and other member services, etc.

Third, when using the soliptechs service with sufficient grounds to believe that the need to disclose personal information in order to take legal action against him as well as providing mental and physical harm to others

Fourth, if it is determined in good faith that required by other laws (eg, at the request of government agencies by due process under the law, etc.)

Fifth, statistics and advertisers in the form that can not identify a specific individual for academic research or market research, etc. If you provide partners and research organizations


and the soliptech is to share users' personal information in order to provide better services and the development of new technologies. Let you know that in this case, even if the institution or organization to share personal information to users previously provided information collection or information anyone, any information why you need, and when and how to protect and manage up undergoes a procedure to obtain consent, the user If there is no consent of randomly it does not collect or share any additional information.


Gender, age and other personal information of the users, even when served and send ads for the group of certain conditions not provided such individuals or companies commissioned advertising, and other statistical or scientific research, the particular individual, even when necessary for market research information is provided only in the form can not be identified.



Details on the user's own personal information management (access, correction, deletion, etc.)


The user can view or edit your personal information at any time by using the registered soliptechs website and you can also request a cancellation.

To view and edit the personal information of the users, there is sign in using your username and password to login to soliptechs, identity can modify all entries except for the (ID) and name. Also, if you forgot your password, please click the Find username and / or password in the Member Login bottom of the menu, enter the required identity verification, we will send you your username and password to your E-mail by writing at the time of subscription.


If you enter an item follow the instructions to sign up to be in your home page, and select Modify information taltoeeul members it will be treated to leave.


Users are able to sign up for termination if the member ID (ID) soliptechs, services, or use of soliptechs thereto, but not necessarily all of the services that are unavailable, only some members will not only service available that feature. soliptech is privacy revoked or deleted at the request of the user is processed as specified in the Period of possession and use of soliptech (a) collect personal information that is processed so that you can read or used for other purposes and you.



Details of the operation of the session (session)


To provide a personalized service to users fm specialized solution is to store the information of the users, often using the loading session (session). A session is a small amount of information to be stored in the server which is used to operate a Web site.

The soliptech is suitable for the user and keep the user identification sesyeonreul state used to offer better services.



Privacy-related technical and administrative measures


soliptech is and as it treats users' personal information personal information take the following technical measures in order to secure such loss, theft, leak, alteration or damage safety. Users' personal information is being thoroughly protected by password. Password Member ID soliptechs (ID) is the only person to know, check and change your personal information is available only to those who know the password. You should therefore tell us your user password to anyone. To this soliptech, basically recommended to use the PC as if to God Please log out and then shut down the online web browser. Particularly if used in a PC with other people using shared or public place (company, school, library, internet game room, etc.), personal information will be the same procedure as above is needed to prevent further known to others.


soliptechs is committed to prevent personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. Preparing for damage of personal information and from time to time to back up the data, using the latest antivirus program, and prevent any personal information or data of the users are not leaking or damaged, so that through such encryption algorithms to transmit secure your personal information over the network and. And using a firewall and to control unauthorized access from outside, other systems are typically trying Certificate to complete all the technical equipment available to ensure stability. However, disclosure or destruction of information due to unavoidable reasons such as hacking or viruses soliptechs do support (s) responsible.


Staff handling privacy soliptech is limited to personnel and updates on a regular basis and are given a separate password for it, always emphasizing compliance with soliptechs Privacy Policy at any time through the training for the personnel.



Consignment processing of personal data


soliptech is to handle users' personal information entrusted to external specialists in order to improve the service. If you entrust the handling of personal information it will be announced to the users of that fact in advance. In addition, punctuality instructions related privacy services provider through consignment contract, the regulations clarify the confidentiality, third party ban and accident liability of the offer, including regarding privacy and will relevant written or electronic archive with the agreement, .



Details regarding privacy gwanryeo opinions and complaints


soliptechs is located in relation to privacy and user converging opinions of you and arrange all the procedures and how to handle complaints. Users are soliptechs, personal information manager and may file a complaint by phone or email by reference to the name and contact details of the person, soliptech is quick and adequate answers to users report their PROVIDED bottom and I will be happy to. Privacy Complaint Center, or by running the installation from the government (, telephone number 02-1336, PC communication go eprivacy), privacy mark certification committee ( , 02-580-0533), you can apply for a complaint to the Police (



Name of soliptechs personal information manager, contact


soliptech is committed to help you secure access to good information. For protecting your personal information if an accident contrary to the requirements of the notice to you will encounter a personal information manager is responsible.

Responsible for maintaining the security of the password to the user ID (ID) with respect to personal information are property of their respective users themselves. (Note) In the case that only direct road users in any way ask for the password, so please take extra care to prevent the password from being leaked to others. In particular, if you connect online in a public place, you'll need even more significant. soliptech is specified the personal information management personnel responsible for the opinions and complaints about personal information, and contacts are listed below.


- name :

- belong :

- Phone number :

- Email :


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